Working on some new designs

While at the AAW Symposium in Hartford this summer, I was inspired by the work of Graeme Priddle from New Zealand. When I got back home I started in a new direction making some multiaxis pieces. With multiaxis, you change the the rotation point of the blank on the lathe. Normally, you have it rotating around the center axis, but with multiaxis mounting, you can turn features on nearly any part of the blank surface. These two were turned with six axis positions, one for the main bowl and another five circling around the main bowl. The trick here is that when you have an axis out near the edge, the swing on the lathe is much greater. To keep the piece from hitting the lathe bed, I had to rotate the headstock and spin the piece off the side of the lathe.

Cherry bowl with six axis points

Cherry Bowl with five circling boxes

As you can see I also started do quite a bit of pyrography. I burned out my first woodburner, but learned how to make a high power burner out of an automotive battery charger.

Once I felt comfortable with this pattern, I decided to try something new. I felt if I set up the axis points equally around the rim of the blank, I could get a Celtic shape. Here was my next project – a Celtic bowl, with a Celtic dragon burning into the center.

Celtic Bowl

I think I’m really going to like exploring these multiaxis shapes.

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