Giving Back

One of the things the members of the Turning Arts Group feel is important is to give back to the woodturning community. One of the easiest ways for us to do that is to do a demonstration for our local woodturning club.

We have all done this, but this week I decided to show the club members how to turn one of my new Easy Hollow Ornaments so that the members can create a new gift this holiday season.

Easy Hollow Ornaments

We had nearly forty members there, all eager to learn. Fortunately, we had 1 ½ hours available for the demo and I ended up taking all of it, due to the many steps involved.

I first showed how to create the globe, hollow it and then create a textured band on the front, using silver and red pens to make it pop.

Easy Hollow Ornament Demo - Hollowing the Globe

Once I completed the globe I switched over to making the icicle. This is a bit trickier since not only do you create the pendant part that extends from the bottom of the ornament, but also a top decoration that extends inside the ornament.

Easy Hollow Demo - Starting the icicle

This demo is particularly good since it shows both face-grain turning for the globe and classic spindle turning for the icicle.

I had done a tutorial for this project, but as one of the members told me after the meeting, “I read the demo, but it helps so much to see it.” Now the next step is to do a hands-on session to help people do it for themselves. We have that session scheduled for the end of the month, where we’ll turn ornaments to support Woodcraft’s charity – The Festival of Trees.

Seeing a flash of recognition in a member, when you know they just figured out how to do the thing you’re demonstrating, makes it all worthwhile.

2 comments to Giving Back

  • Elizabeth

    It was ANOTHER SUPER demo! Love the ornament, Ed.

    • Ed Malesky

      Elizabeth, I’m glad you like them. As I said in the meeting, doing a demo is such a great learning process doing the required prep. If you come to the Ornament Turning Workshop (I know it’s tough since it’s a Sunday) I do a hands on session with you and you can learn how to make one.

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