A Weekend with Alyson

This sounds a bit more provocative than the reality, but I did spend the weekend at an art marketing seminar taught by Alyson Stanfield, author of “I’d rather be in the studio”.

"I'd rather be in the studio" by Alyson Stanfield

My wife turned me on to this book nearly two years ago and I was very impressed, so when I heard she was coming to the area, I just had to sign up.

Ed and Alyson in Fernandina Beach Seminar

There were over forty artists there. Most of them were from the Jacksonville and Fernandina area, but we also had representation from all over the state.

Alyson Stanfirld Seminar - Fernandina Beach

It was clear to me from the two day session that one thing nearly all artists need to work on is the best way to connect with people interested in our work and potential new fans. This connection can be most improved by the ways we communicate with them.

We spent a lot of time learning how to use the modern electronic media, websites, Facebook, blogs, Twitter and e-mails, but we really focused on how to do it effectively. It’s amazing how fast these forms of communication are replacing tradition methods. In fact, one fact that was brought out that one study showed that all traditional public relations methods will be replaced by social media within the next two years. You can see the logic, ie. electronic distribution is so much cheaper than mail campaigns and can be much more targeted to those that are really interested in getting the information.

If you are an artist and Alyson is coming to your area, you should definitely consider signing up.

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  • Ed: It was so nice meeting you in Florida! One thing I always regret about my workshops is that I don’t get a chance to talk about ART with the attendees. I never mentioned it to you, but I absolutely love beautiful woodturning. It’s so meditative and you have to be a master to get it right.

    I hope our paths cross soon.

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