A Turner’s Christmas

Hey, where's Bob?

The Northeast Florida Woodturners Association

The Northeast Florida Woodturners Association held it’s first Christmas party in the beautiful Haskell Building’s Plaza Cafe on Sunday evening, December 12, 2010.  44 of our members, spouses and guests attended the event.  While things got off to a shaky start (no drink cups, no tea, no sodas, no extension cords, no microphone), we were determined to have a great time anyway.  After some late arrivals, we had cups, sodas and some delicious grape Kool Aid!  Oh, and water, too.  Yummy!  Actually, everyone brought a covered dish, and the club provided BBQ, and some of our members brought their own adult beverages.  Way too much food, but we gave it a shot.  (Click on any photo to see a larger version.)
All the pretty ladies, all the pretty ladies, all the pretty ladies......(Beyonce)

Yes we have female members!

Kay is a longtime member, and has taken on a project working with young turners.  She received a grant from The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) and has great things planned for kids in the area.  She is seen here having a bite with Ruby.
A season to be thankful!

It was good to have Ruth join us

We were so glad to have Ruth join us.  Between her recent health issues, duties as a minister and overseeing the construction of a new church, we haven’t seen much of her lately.  Lookin’ Good!!!  She was joined by Elizabeth, Mari and Jackie.  I took these ladies out on the balcony to enjoy a view of the beautiful St. Johns River, but it was pretty chilly and very windy, so it didn’t take long to see all they needed to see!!
"Do you think anyone will notice I wore brown shoes with my black dress?

Sandy and Kat deep in conversation

Two of our sassier members, Sandy and Kat, were both elegantly dressed in all-black outfits.  Sandy was sporting a pearl necklace.  Sandy is our outgoing Librarian, and Kat is our new Treasurer.  We are grateful for the involvement of our members and appreciate their dedication and willingness to give something back.
Seriously, two of the most beautiful women in the house!

We even had a handicapped accessible table!

Kat was looking lovely with her stylish crutches.  Even her black boot/cast was color coordinated!  She with crutches, Sandy with her cane.  Woodturning is harder on some of our members that it is on others (tee hee)!  We held them seats at the first two tables, but the Ladies Room proved to be quite a hike for them.  Sorry, but I work in a big building.
Hey Santa! Don't I get a present?

Santa's little helper was there!

While Santa was conspicuously absent from the party, his number one elf put in an appearance!  You can tell by his stance that Santa has been cracking the whip, getting all those toys ready for the little girls and boys.  Or, maybe he just delivered a new lathe to one of our member’s shop.  Have you been good?
Thanks, Sandra, for your hard work as Librarian!

And the first award goes to:

Besides sharing each others’ company, enjoying good food, and remembering the reason for the season, Ed Malesky, our club President, spent some time recognizing the people in the club who give their time and energy doing the various duties that make this club successful.  Here he presents Sandy a certificate of appreciation for serving as our club Librarian.  Sandy drives down from south Georgia every month and seldom misses a meeting.  She did a great job organizing our old library, adding new books, videos and other resources for the free use of our members.  Thank you, Sandy.
Looks like Ed is relieved, Stu is thinking, "What have I gotten myself into?"

Our new full-time Librarian, Stu Oudt

Stu Oudt has been helping Sandy with the library for the past year.  When Sandy announced she had to step down this year,  Stu volunteered to take over the duty without skipping a beat!  Stu helped organize a system of keeping track of library resources, so don’t be surprised if he backs you into a corner of our meeting room and won’t let you go until you agree to bring back those DVD’s you have been hoarding this year!  Sic’em, Stu!
Ray was always there when we needed his help.

Ray Smith, part-time videographer

I once asked Ray if he would just stand by the video camera I was operating during a demonstration by one of our national demonstrators, so that I could go “powder my nose”.  He was so quick to step in that I targeted him right then as a patsy, er, resource the next time our camera man was away.  Ray has been called on several times in the interim and has always said, “Of course, but I don’t know what I am doing”, then proceeded to act like Cecil B. DeMille.  Here Ed is thanking Ray for his efforts, and probably saying something about “Once a volunteer, always a volunteer”.  Thanks, Ray.
Another giver! Thanks, Chuck.

Chuck Molnar, Program Coordinator

Chuck stepped in this year and helped with the arrangement of the monthly programs.  Chuck is one of those guys who realizes the benefits he is gaining as a turner from the meetings, demonstrations, hands-on sessions and help from other members, and wants to give back a little.  Always eager to learn, asking for critique of his work, soaking up turning ideas like a sponge, Chuck is a welcome asset to our club.  In this photo, Ed has drifted off on a tangent, so Tom quickly steps in and hands Chuck his certificate.
By this time, Ed was deep in the sauce and couldn't find Keith! By the way, Keith. Have you seen your wife lately?

Keith presents his own award!

By this time, Ed is just standing there gazing out the window.  Poor Keith had to present himself with his own certificate of appreciation!  Keith took on the responsibility for totally updating the cartoonish website I had developed years ago.  Within just a few weeks, he had done such an impressive job, he actually won an award at this year’s AAW symposium for best club website in the country!  Way to go, Keith!
Hey. Pay your dues tonight or no soup for you!!!

Our outgoing Treasurer's parting words:

The next award was so heartfelt that Ed gathered his wits enough to carry on.  Nancy took on the position of Treasurer a few years ago, and has done a masterful job.  There was never a meeting when you didn’t hear Nancy telling someone to pay up or else!  Not only did she keep our books in perfect condition, she took on the role as Business Agent for all our professional demonstrators.  When Bin Pho was here, she sold so much of his tools and books that he gave her one of his beautiful turnings!  Since then, she is at every professional demonstration selling whatever the demonstrator brought.  Thank you, Nancy, for all you have done for use, and always with that smile and bubbly personality.  Enjoy your retirement and your travels with the old man.
Thanks, Jim and Sandie, for everything you do for this club. Hey Ed, you can go sit (or fall) down now! Great job!

Our generous and selfless hosts of major events!

Ed‘s final presentation was a plaque and gift certificate to Jim and Sandie Schroeer.  Since they first joined our club, the Schroeer‘s have offered up their shop to host our professional demonstration weekends and hands-on sessions.  Jim has every tool we could ever possibly need and is quick to jump up to get something the demonstrator may not have thought to bring.  During every gathering, Sandie is just a blur as she whisks around setting up the coffee pot, heating up the food she prepared for our lunch, bringing out desserts and afternoon coffee, then cleaning everything up.  They always invite the demonstrator into their home while they are in town, and host dinner for the Board as well.  And Sandie is not even a turner!  Every club member is indebted to the generosity and kindness of these two wonderful people!  We just hope you don’t move any time soon!!!  Thank you both.
Yeah, but who's he making out with? Keith, isn't that Gwen?

Hey, there's Bob!

Last, and certainly least, we finally catch a glimpse of Bob.  Here he is in his favorite environment, surrounded by beautiful women, with his arms around another man’s wife!
I want to personally express my gratitude to Ed for all the great things he has done over the last few years to make this club the success it is today.  With the able assistance of Dan (Vice President), Tom (Secretary), Nancy (Treasurer) and all the program chairs, he has given freely of his time and shown what a true leader can do, even without a salary.  Thanks for everything you do for us, Ed, and we look forward to your reign as President-for-Life!

Bob Hunt

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