A Revolution in Wood: The Bresler Collection

This Christmas was great, but one present I received really caught me by surprise. The surprise was because this was a new book that was so closely associated with the woodturning work I am doing and that it was totally unknown to me.

My Sister-in-law, Kee Malesky, who lives in Washington, DC. Ran across a new book associated with a new exhibition at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, entitled A Revolution in Wood: The Bresler Collection.

Noted collectors Fleur and Charles Bresler donated 66 works of woodturned art in honor of former Renwick curator-in-charge, Kenneth R. Trapp. They had been collecting since the 1980’s when woodturning was beginning to migrate from hobbiest craft and utility production to an art and have a stunning collection of work showing the best of this movement..

The companion book just takes my breath away.

The book reviews the history of woodturning and it’s surprising development into an artistic craft in the early 1980’s and it’s further development into full blown art. The main section is a photographic review of each of the pieces in the collection. Beautiful!!

If you love woodturning or wonderful art from wood, you should really check out this book. My only regret is that this special exhibit only lasts until the end of January. If you are anywhere near Washington, D.C., I would suggest you visit and see all this wonderful art in person.

If you can’t get there, there are some great videos on YouTube.

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