TAG Goes to TAC

Yesterday the Turning Arts Group showed up at The Art Center looking like a bunch of construction workers with our tools, construction materials and a plan, sort of.


© 2011 Ed Malesky - The Art Center - W. Adams Location

After being accepted as hanging artists late last month by The Art Center, we were ready to move in and set up our area in this fine downtown gallery and artist co-op. The W. Adams St. location has been principally dedicated to wall art and this was their first foray into woodturning art. We were fortunate that we had saved our display shelving and pedestals from a previous gallery setup, so we felt we should set up things pretty quickly.

Mary Atwood, President of The Art Center met us there, but it was clear to her after about twenty minutes that the four of us, who were engineers before we were artists, were going to be spend a lot longer coming to agreement on the display layout, so decided to go home and leave us to it.

We started staring at the blank wall space and even though Tom had done some preliminary layouts, we knew we’d have to modify things to make a high quality presentation to fit into the rest of the gallery space.

© 2011 Ed Malesky - Our "new" space


It actually didn’t take too long, once we got up the first couple of display pieces set up. Although we had our share of struggles getting the floating shelves securely fastened too the walls, we were pretty happy with the layout.


© 2011 Tom Grzybala - Shelves and pedestals ready to go


We then got our pieces and organized to give the most pleasing layout. We’re very happy with the space and think it fits well with the rest of the gallery.


© 2011 Bob Hunt - Ready to go


© 2011 Bob Hunt - The New TAG

One change you may notice in the Turning Arts Group is that we have reduced the members of the group to four; Bob Hunt, Ed Malesky, Tom Grzybala and Gene O’Donnell. Keith and Phillip both faced dramatic increases in their workload of their daily jobs. They both knew that they would not be able to sustain the volume of work that would be needed to keep our displays fresh in The Arts Center. Both wanted TAG to remain a high quality enterprise and bowed out. We’ll miss them. They provided a lot of help and stimulus in the foundation of our group.

Come visit us at The Art Center during their standard hours, Tuesday-Saturday 11am to 3pm or during the Art Walk, the first Wednesday of the month from 6 pm to 9 pm.

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