Jacksonville Fine Arts Festival

I spent the afternoon today in The Art Center booth at the Jacksonville Fine Arts Festival. I was really impressed with the show. There were a lot of artist booths ranging from paintings and photographs, to sculpture and glass, to more eclectic things like musical instruments including drums and didgeridoos.

© 2011 Ed Malesky - Jax Fine Arts Festival

The venue was also great. Boone Park is a beautiful place to host an art festival. All the artist booths are distributed between the trees with pathways taking you around the whole venue. The quality of the artists was a step above many of the shows I’ve attended.

© 2011 Ed Malesky - Boone Park

Lots of people were there this afternoon. The weather was beautiful for the show, although it was quite hot. There were also a lot of kids, which was great for us since we were promoting the Wishes and Dreams Show for young artists (ages 4-17) that is being sponsored by The Arts Center. It was great to see how many kids were excited about having a chance to participate in an art show for young artists.

© 2011 Ed Malesky - The Art Center booth

The show is still on tomorrow, Sunday April 10, so come by if you can.

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