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I hadn’t planned on attending my third art festival this month, but when I heard that two of my friends, Anne Kluck, Stained Glass Artist and Marina Davidson, Painter, were going to be there I thought I’d check it out.

This is the second year for Art & About in Orange Park and is a combination of both art and music festival. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, but the venue had enough trees to provide some shade. The show was a bit smaller than I had expected, but there was a nice combination of artists and some crafters.

© 2011 Ed Malesky – Art & About 2011

I quickly found both Marina and Anne. The Turning Arts Group, Anne and Marina had all been members of both Works of Art and Muse’s Corner art co-operatives in the past and it was nice to catch up with them. They were also sharing some space with Debbie Derbonne, from the Village Art Center. I also knew Debbie from her involvement with The Art Center. I ended up buying both a nice glass piece from Debbie and a small painting from Marina, which helped make my day.

© 2011 Ed Malesky - Marina & Anne

I checked out the other booths and then went to listen to some music. The St. John’s River Ramblers were just finishing up, but soon Michael Vogelsang, a great guitarist started playing.

© 2011 Ed Malesky - Michael Vogelsang

Michael plays in the style of one of my favorite guitarists, Michael Hedges, so I was really pleased to sit awhile and listen to his very energetic playing.

Next up was the Just Jazz Quintet. I wanted to check them out and take some photos that I might be able to use as part of my entry in the City Sounds, juried art show that has a Jacksonville Jazz Festival theme. I’m pretty far along with my piece, but just looking for the right picture of someone blowing a horn to use as the feature.

© 2011 Ed Malesky - Rob Soloman - Just Jazz Qunitet

© 2011 Ed Malesky - Ernie Lombardi - Just Jazz Quintet

All in all it was a great way to spend the afternoon. I hope Art & About continues to grow over the years and that they always get as lucky with the weather.

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