A Visit to Tamarack Arts Center

My wife and I took a trip to Ohio to visit family. We often take a western route and visit the Kentucky Artisan Center (check out my blog entry here). This time we were going to the eastern routs since my wife wanted to attend the 11th Quilt Nationals in Athens, Ohio. This allowed us to stop at Tamarack – The best of West Virginia.


©2011 Ed Malesky - Tamarack - The Best of West Virginia

Tamarack is a pretty amazing place for arts and crafts with a lot of wood arts and crafts on display. Like the Kentucky Artisan Center, there is a very nice display of the work available for sale, but in addition, there are some special exhibits and artist studios. If you’re there at the right time, you can watch the artist do a demo.

©2011 Ed Malesky - Tamarack Display

©2011 Ed Malesky - Yamarack Display

©2011 Ed Malesky - Tamarack Display

One of the special exhibitions had a lot of nice wood pieces.


©2011 Ed Malesky - Special Exhibit

Included were nice carved pieces by Jim Probst.

©2011 Ed Malesky - Work by Jim Probst

and turned pieces by Cokey Gainer

©2011 Ed Malesky - Work bu Cokey Gainer

John Sheets

©2011 Ed Malesky - Work by John Sheets

and Terra Majestic

©2011 Ed Malesky - Work by Terra Majestic

There were also some great gourd pieces by Cynthia Hensley Gillespie.


©2011 Ed Malesky - Work by Cynthia Hensley Gillespie

There was also beautiful furniture pieces throughout Tamarack, but this was my favorite by John Wesley Williams.



©2011 Ed Malesky - John Wesley Williams desk

It looks like it would definitely be at home in Elrod’s study.

As we walked around we found the mother lode of wood items for sale. There were shelf after shelf of turned bowls, cutting boards, turned wooden ornaments, kitchen utensils, birdhouses and on and on.


©2011 Ed Malesky - Bowls

©2011 Ed Malesky - More Bowls

©2011 Ed Malesky - Cutting Boards

©2011 Ed Malesky - Ornaments

©2011 Ed Malesky - Treenware

©2011 Ed Malesky - Birdhouses

©2011 Ed Malesky - Mushrooms

So the next time you are traveling on I77 near Beckley, West Virginia, stop in to Tamarack and check it out.

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