Fun Night

Last Thursday evening was the reception and opening of The Art Center’s new Inter-dimensional Sculpture and Photography show at their Premiere Gallery in the Bank of America Tower. It’s a great show with every bit of the gallery space filled with entries.

We had a very nice crowd for the reception. TAC members, contributing artists and lots of guests really livened things up.


©2011 – Bob Hunt - Interdimensional Reception

I was very pleased with the curating and two of my pieces were in the main room. It was lucky that the Turning Arts Group has so many pedestals that we could bring to add to TAC’s, since we had many sculptural entries.

About 45 minutes into the festivities they announced that they were ready to make the awards. They started with the sculptures and I was delighted that Turning Arts Group member, Tom Grzybala, was awarded third place for his very sculptural camphor pedestal box.


©2011 Marsha Hatcher - Tom Grzybala capmphor pedestal box

I was very pleased that I was awarded second prize for my “A Question of Balance” piece. This was the favorite of my entries and as mentioned in a previous blog, one of my first forays into sculpture.


©2011 Marsha Hatcher -Me and my piece

You could tell how happy I was when I received my award.

©2011 Bob Hunt - I'm really happy


Best of all, one of the guests visiting the show bought my piece. So it was a wonderful night for me.

First prize went to Leland Williams with his wonderful Sea Turtle piece.

©2011 Marsha Hatcher - Leland Williams first prize

Next were the awards for photography. Jeff Zeitlin won third place for his beautiful black and white landscape.

©2011 Marsha Hatcher - Jeff Zeitlin

Mary Atwood, President of The Art Center won second place with her dramatic dragonfly wings

©2011 Marsha Hatcher - Mary Atwood

First prize went to Pablo Rivera with his beautiful photo of a man and a woman. He also does sculpture, so I was happy he didn’t sweep that side of the show as well.

©2011 Marsha Hatcher -Pablo Rivera

I am really excited by my results at this show and have already started on some additional sculptural pieces.

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