The St. Johns, Our River, Our Muse

The Art Center is holding its first art show in conjunction with the gallery at Jaxport. Mary Atwood, President of The Art Center and Meredith Fordham Hughes, Manager Creative Design at Jaxport worked together to arrange this collaboration.


© 2011 Ed Malesky - Jaxport Gallery Entrance

Since Jaxport is so intimately involved with the St. Johns River and the river has provided a source of inspiration for so many of the artists at The Art Center, it was just natural that we would select the St. Johns as the theme for this show.

Turning Arts Group partners, Gene O’Donnell and I, both entered this show. We felt this was a bit more of a challenge for woodturners, since the photographers and painters in the show could more directly represent the river’s inspiration. As woodturners we had to work a bit harder.

I created a eight piece wall hanging, called “My River”, with a series of hollow “lentils”. Each lentil was dyed to reflect the flow of the river, while the banks were created with colored acrylic medium and highly textured to contrast with the smooth surface of the river.


© 2011 Ed Malesky - "My River"

You can also see one of Gene O’Donnells pieces in this picture. Gene turned a large platter and then inlaid mineral crystals to show a scene with three dolphins, utilizing the wonderful grain patterns in the wood. Here’s a close-up.

© 2011 Bob Hunt - Gene O'Donnell's inlaid platter

The paintings and photographs at the show were also impressive.

Some of my favorites included Marsha Hatcher’s painting.

© 2011 Bob Hunt - Marsha Hatcher

Elain Bedell’s wonderful sky and clouds.

© 2011 Bob Hunt - Elaine Bedell

Bronwen Chandler’s views of the Dame’s Point Bridge.

© 2011 Bob Hunt - Bronwen Chandler

Mary Atwood’s phototgraphs.


© 2011 Bob Hunt - Mary Atwood

Lora Davis-Hennigsen’s large paintings

© 2011 Bob Hunt - Lora Davis-Henningsen

Annelies Dykgraaf’s special manatees


© 2011 Ed Malesky - Annelies Dykgraaf & Mario Della Penta

and many others.

The show finishes this week at Jaxport, but is being moved to The Art Center II at 29 N. Hogan St. where it will be on display for another month. Come check it out at the November Artwalk.

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