Patron of the HeARTs

Ed Malesky and Bob Hunt, both members of the Turning Arts Group, recently participated in a collaborative art project with Annelies Dykgraaf and Marsha Hatcher, all of us members of The Art Center.  We created a piece of art and entered it into the Patrons of the HeARTs charity event.  We were very fortunate to have been selected as winners of First Place!

© 2011 Bob Hunt - "Bridge to Recovery"

On Friday night, October 21, Patrons of the HeARTs held an evening event to celebrate the art pieces donated, providing live music, hors d’oeuvres, adult beverages and some of the fanciest portable toilets we have ever seen!

© 2011 Bob Hunt - Patrons of the HeARTs

The event was attended by Marsha (L), Annelies (2nd from R) and Bob (not in photo), and Mary Atwood, President of The Art Center (far R) and Lora Henningsen (2nd from L), also of The Art Center.  Unfortunately, Ed had other obligations and did not attend, so Bob had the company of 4 beautiful women all to himself!  (Thanks, Ed)

© 2011 Bob Hunt - The Art Center Women - Marsha, Lora, Annelies & Mary

The event was described as “Creative Black Tie”.  After Bob looked this up on the internet, he rented this colorful tux, with tails!

© 2011 Bob Hunt - Bob Hunt

There was a silent auction of some wonderful pieces of art, vacations and travel opportunities.  Then, for the main event, the top prize pieces were sold in the live auction.  We are very proud to say our entry was sold for a top bid of $1,300!!!  All this money went to the charity.  Here is our piece during the bidding:

© 2011 Bob Hunt - Our piece at auction

Patrons of the HeARTs is a medical non-governmental and 100% volunteer based organization created in 2005 to evaluate and treat children with congenital heart disease from developing countries. Patrons of the HeARTs works in collaboration with Wolfson Children’s Hospital, the University of Florida Pediatric Cardiovascular Center and the local community of Jacksonville.  Find more at:

Since this was all about the children, here is a photo of one beautiful little girl having fun on the dance floor:

© 2011 Bob Hunt - "Tiny Dancer"

Many thanks to Faver-Gray  for sponsoring the event, and to all my associates involved.  It was loads of fun for a wonderful cause.

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