Gustavo Godoy

This afternoon my wife and I went over to MOCA, where Dave Engdahl had set up a special conversation between Gustavo Godoy and members of the Northeast Florida Sculptors. Gusravo has just completed an installation in the MOCA Atrium as part of the “Project Atrium” program the new MOCA Director, Marcelle Poledrik has started.

© 2011 – Ed Malesky - "Empty Altar/Empty Throne"

The 30’ tall, silver painted wooden structure was really impressive – and inviting, especially since we had to sign waivers about crawling on the structure. It is named “Empty Alter/Empty Throne”.

© 2011 – Ed Malesky - Gustavo Godoy

Gustavo explained that he had been asked to participate in Project Atrium, had come to Jacksonville to check out the space and then returned home to LA to build the piece. Since it was so tall, he ended up building it as an outdoor structure with the hot sun and reflective paint adding to his sunburn. He also had only a two month deadline. He finished the structure, then had to disassemble the piece, pack it in a truck and reassemble once it arrived in Jacksonville – all 60 sub-assemblies.

He explained his process for creating a piece like this and that each piece on the structure was deliberately chose, both for the esthetic form and for structural integrity. This si particularly important sine Gustavo like to have people interact with his work, from the inside out.

After taking a few questions from us he invited us in to the sculpture and we all climbed in.

© 2011 – Sunnie Malesky - In the structure

Gustavo continued to answer our questions and give us more insight into his creative process. He is a very personable guy and was very encouraging challenging all of us to continue to push our art.

“Empty Alter/Empty Throne” will be on display at MOCA until March, after which the Museum will try to find a permanent home in Jacksonville. Thanks to Dave for setting up a great opportunity this afternoon.

As we were getting ready to leave, I had my opportunity – filling the Empty Throne.

© 2011 – Ed Malesky - Filling the Empty Throne

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