Mark Licari in the MOCA Atrium

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to the opening of the newest MOCA Atrium Project opening. Mark Licari is the artist that was selected to fill this space. The show opened March 24th and will stay open until July 8th.

Mark Licari at MOCA - ©2012 Ed Malesky

Mark started with a presentation giving us a historical perspective at how he arrived at his current art style. He had a passion in school that seemed to be unquenchable. As his drawing evolved he ended up taking his art to every wall available to him. He would start on one wall and before he knew it he was down the hall and back and even continuing his murals into people’s offices. All his work was connected and free flowing from one concept to another.

He certainly has an unusual way of perceiving the world as in this picture of a shark.

The Shark - ©2012 Ed Malesky

When a friend’s mother gave him a lot of left over telephone wire, he created a series of characters.

The Telephone Wire Man - ©2012 Ed Malesky

When he arrived in Jacksonville, he wasn’t sure what he was going to do. The space is large, about 35’ high, so it’s a lot to fill. I had a chance to asking more about the piece and he said that after he was here for a little while he decided the motivation would be to create a piece that contained the “largest drips” of his career. I think he succeeded.

Mark Licari's Project Atrium Creation - ©2012 Ed Malesky

These are truly some spectacular drips, and a very interesting way to fill the MOCA Atrium space.

The Drips - ©2012 Ed Malesky

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