TAG Does an Installation

Bob Hunt and I are heading off to a new adventure. We’ve joined with the Northeast Florida Sculptures in their new Installations Project.

The concept was initiated by Dave Engdahl  and some other members of the Northeast Florida Sculptures. Sixteen artists or artist teams signed up for this adventure.

We’re going to open the show on May 19th and it will run through May 27th at the Everbank Plaza.


It is an adventure since most of us haven’t done an installation before. While there are many definitions of an installation, I tend to describe it by comparing it to our regular work. When I make a piece, its to be viewed in a space and appreciated as an object. An installation is the conversion of a space into a piece of art.

Everbank Plaza - 501 Riverside Ave. - © Ed Malesky 2012

There was a lot of investigation to find a place to hold the event and after a lot of work, the steering committee chose Everbank Plaza on Riverside Ave. We had our first meeting in the facility this week and we all were excited to check out the space.

The Artists Meet - - © Brett Waller 2012

We all introduced ourselves and chatted a bit about our projects. I think we were all surprised at the number of very large projects that were in the works and really enjoyed the creativity for all the pieces.

We then had to select the areas where we wanted our constructions to go. It was amazing. With all the artists there and with the wide variety of projects, we all just found a place with no arguments or hassles. Bob and I chose a 10’ x 12’ area near the main door. As you see, the space is undeveloped and although we have pretty limited things we can do to the walls, floors and ceiling, we were allowed to do some painting.

Our space - © Ed Malesky 2012

I decided to go over today and paint our wall (right where the ladder is). Actually the job wasn’t too bad and I think the wall turned out pretty well. Now we can start with our installation piece.

Painting all done - © Ed Malesky 2012

More about our piece in future blog entries. I’m excited about the project and think people will enjoy it as well.

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