Installation! No. 3 – Setbacks

Friday my wife and I went over to work on the Installations! Project and we made some pretty good headway. We carefully positioned all the towers for the ball run and installed several new chutes for the balls to run in. This added a lot of stability to the project and gave us some good feel for how many more elements we wee going to be able to add.

While installing the chutes we did some basic testing to ensure that the balls would roll all the way to the end of the chutes we had installed. At first I used the ball elevator to help launch the balls and it worked fine, but later we resorted to just placing the balls in the chute. We finished up for the day and I thought I’d just run everything from the ball elevator. Big mistake. After working fine earlier, now the elevator kept jamming up and eventually the wooden chain Bob had worked so hard to make broke. So now I knew my next project.

I was able to repair the chain and went over today to install it. The elevator was still jammed and I realized that the gear shaft had bent. I worked on that, moved a gear location and it still wouldn’t work. Then I noticed that the cause – there was a screw that had fallen into the guts of the elevator works.

© Ed Malesky 2012 - How could a screw fall in here?

That meant I had to disassemble the entire ball elevator to get to the screw.


© Ed Malesky 2012 - All apart

© Ed Malesky 2012 - The Culprit

Then I had to reassemble everything and hope everything would work again. It ended up not being so easy. Moving the gear made the chain start to hang up on the gears, so now I have to do more modifications. I guess you need to suffer for your art.

© Ed Malesky 2012 - Back together

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