Installations! No.4 – Back on Track

Bob and I have been working hard on the Installations! project and are happy with our progress. Bob created a new hub that helps the chain stay on track and I am pretty close to figuring out how to get an even feed into the elevator.

© Ed Malesky 2012 - Bob's new elevator hub and the ball return

The best part is that we have nearly completed all the ball runs. A little fiddling here and a little fiddling there and we seem to have all the balls traveling all the way through the run and ending up feeding the elevator.

© Ed Malesky 2012 - Spiral Staircase

© Ed Malesky 2012 - Ski Jump

I have added a ski jump and a spiral staircase, while Bob had added a zig-zag track and a vortex. We’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

© Ed Malesky 2012 - Vortex and Zig-Zag

What has been great is the encouragement we’ve gotten from the other artists. They come over while taking a break from their installation projects and ask to see the balls go around.

Several of the other projects and coming along. Yesterday we saw a giant bird’s nest being woven. We’re really waiting to see if something is going to be in the nest for the show. There is also a great hanging piece and a 34’ wall of Styrofoam packaging material. Things are really coming along.

© Ed Malesky 2012 - Bird's Nest and Suspended Art

© Ed Malesky 2012 - Styrofoam tunnel

The show starts next Saturday, May 19th, so we have to hit all the rest of the details this week. Come see all the pieces up close and personal.



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