Installations! No. 6 –Great Opening

We had a great opening last night. Hundreds of people came out to see all the work that our artists put together.

We had opened at 10:00 to coincide with the Riverside Art Market and we had a number of people check out the show. Dave Engdahl and I were there. I wanted to check out a few glitches that had shown up when we did the pre-show for the Everbank employees and I’m glad I did. I finally was able to figure out what was causing one of the problems that had cropped up and with some wood, a hammer and some super glue, I managed to fix it up.

Sunnie and I came back for the opening at 5:00 and there were already quite a few people there. I was glad to see that once again we had a nice group of kids and adults turning our crank and watching the ball go around. We had lots of favorable comments. It was also great to see all our friends that came out for the show. Some made a pretty long trip to show up and I’m glad that they thought the show was worth it.

© Douglas J Eng 2012 - Getting the ball rolling

All the installations were getting a lot of people checking them out and talking with the artists. Several of the installations, like ours, were interactive, especially the gongs. It was great, while some kids also got into whacking on the gongs, there wee several times when percussionists took over and gave us some very pleasing sounds.

© Douglas J Eng 2012 - Sweet music

Bob and I both spent a lot of time at our piece, encouraging people to give it a try. Most art is hands off, so folks were pretty surprised when we invited them to participate. I know we took a lot of adults some childhood memories.

© Ed Malesky 2012 - "My Granddad had something like this."

Today Bob received an e-mail from on of his colleagues that had attended with his daughter and her friend. This is the kind of thing that makes all the effort worthwhile.

“I wanted to thank you and the all the other artists that helped put together such an enjoyable experience last night.

When I first described where we were going to my 11-year old daughter and her friend they looked puzzled, but with no other choice, they came along for the ride.  Their first impression after entering the exhibit space was not much different.  They clung close to me as if they we had entered some odd scene from a Star Wars movie with weird beings from other worlds.  I even caught one of them poking at the spray on fire proofing on a column as if it was one of the artist exhibits, and in a way, it was!

They started to warm up as we listened to the melody coming from the welding tank symphony as we walked through the tunnel of styrofoam to the giant bird nest, but it wasn’t until Bob encouraged them to crank the wheel on his kinetic ball track that they truly embraced the experience of the Installation.  Only then did they feel comfortable to not just look at the sculptures, but to experience them.  After a second tour of the space with a little more time spent at each piece they left with big smiles on their faces.

The two young girls quizzed me as we waited for our pizza afterwards; “why did they do that” and “why did the room look like that, unfinished”.  Their world got a little bit bigger last night.  Thank you for helping to make that happen!”

You can still come see us at 501 Riverside. We’ll be open during the week from 11-2 and next weekend from 10-4.


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