Turning Arts Group – Featured Artists for June at The Art Center

The Turning Arts Group has now been associated with The Art Center for just over a year and we all have gotten quite involved in nearly all the shows and now governance of the cooperative.

This month we will be the Featured Artists. Bob, Tom, Gene and Nancy and I were at the Adams St. Gallery today working with Mary Atwood, curating our Feature Wall and getting ready for the June ArtWalk. We have nearly double the space for the month, so all of us brought in extra pieces and I worked building a new display stand and another temporary shelf to set out all the work.

© Ed Malesky 2012 - Featured Artist Display

We still have one or two additional pieces to add, but this is pretty much the display. There are a number of new pieces, including the one I call “Formal”. Which one do you think that might be in the above photo?

© Ed Malesky 2012 - Featured Artist Display

Please come out to ArtWalk this Wednesday and check out our work at The Art Center Adams St. Gallery at 31 West Adams St., between 5-9PM. If you can’t make it to ArtWalk, check out the display until the end of the month during our normal hours.

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