Folio Weekly Invitational Artist Exhibition

This evening Sunnie and I went to the Cummer Museum of Art to catch the Folio Invitational Artist Exhibition, an exhibition of work of fifty local artists. It’s been three years since the last one and I was happy to see that a number of my friends had been selected for this one.

© Ed Malesky 2012 Folio Weekly Invitational Artist Exhibition

I was very happy to see that there was a great turnout for the event, in fact the Cummer was packed.

We were immediately drawn to two photographic entries by Doug Eng. He does wonderful images, this time of trees.

© Ed Malesky 2012 Doug Eng - Forest Renewal

© Ed Malesky 2012 Doug Eng - Dancing Oaks

There is so much depth in each of these pigment on paper digital images.

Making our way though the crowd we found the works of Dave Engdahl, who was the initiator of the Installations! project Bob Hunt and I entered in May. Dave also had two pieces in the show.

© Ed Malesky 2012 / Dave Engdahl - Lamelliform 205

 © Ed Malesky 2012 / Dave Engdahl - Lamelliform 200

This form was different from the rest of Dave’s work that I have seen and really liked it’s sinuous flow.

Jenny Hager, who was also in the Installations! show had another cast iron and steel sculpture that really made a statement.

© Ed Malesky 2012 / Jenny Hager - Winged Hoof

Once again, beautiful flowing lines. Jenny is not limited to working metal, entering a beautiful monoprint.

© Ed Malesky 2012 / Jenny Hager - Medallion

Art Center member, Pablo Rivera had a very nice basswood sculpture in the exhibition.

© Ed Malesky 2012 / Pablo Rivera - A Stand of Trees

Friend Jim Smith, often recognized for his Steampunk creations, had a more sedate entry, which I really liked.

© Ed Malesky 2012 / Jim Smith - Sadly Good Men Die

There were lots of  other pieces that also appealed to me, like  Jason Campioni’s piece made of wood and scrap steel belted radial tires.

© Ed Malesky 2012 / Jason Campioni - Between the Lines

I also liked Tony Wood’s backlit, transparent photo of a Madonna like woman.

© Ed Malesky 2012 / Tony Wood - Blue Striped

David Dollarhide also had a very amusing piece which we both liked very much.

© Ed Malesky 2012 / David Dollarhide - Childhood

This multimedia sculpture was very aptly named Childhood and it certainly took us back to those days.

There was also a very nice screen print by Dimelza Broche> I loved the colors.

© Ed Malesky 2012 / Dimelza Broche - Sea Spirits

There were too many other great pieces to add them all here. However, I do need to include the one woodturned piece by Grant Ward. It was a small, delicate and flawlessly finished small hollowform, from a maple burl.

© Ed Malesky 2012 / Grant Ward - Orb

On reflection, I am sad that I didn’t enter some of my work to be juried for this competition. I was in the middle of so many other projects when the exhibition was announced that I just couldn’t see the forest through the trees. I certainly hope I don’t have to wait three years to try my hand.

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