Rosewood Recovery

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Jack Shelton, in Fort Pierce, that he and some friends had managed to divert over 160 Florida Rosewood (Dalbergia Sissoo) trees from going to the landfill. Three trailer parks were removing them to plant new landscaping. Jack realized what kind of trees they were and knowing that they were excellent for turning, discussed with the property owner the possibility of making the wood available to the woodturning clubs in Florida. The property owner was very happy to do this since he could avoid the tipping fees and have the wood put to a better purpose.

This is, in fact, how we get a lot of our wood. It costs quite a bit to dispose of downed trees, so tree removal companies are more than willing to have their wood go for a better purpose.

This wood was spectacular though and Jack felt it should be shared across Florida. He contacted all the club presidents and offered us a special deal that just covered his recovery costs. Keith Larrett, from our club, offered to drive down and pick up a load.  He stored it at his shop and today I went down to help hi cut it up for a special raffle we’ll have at our next club meeting.

©Ed Malesky 2012 – Loading up the rosewood

They even helped Keith load it up.

©Ed Malesky 2012 – Pickup load of goodies

They loaded up as much as Keith’s truck could carry.

Keith and I planned out all our cuts and then we went to town on the wood.

©Ed Malesky 2012 – Kieth making the cut

©Ed Malesky 2012 – I lend a hand

We ended up with some beautiful pieces and a pretty good pile of wood for the club.

©Ed Malesky 2012 – Some gorgeous wood

©Ed Malesky 2012 – About half of the wood we recovered

I’m so happy we were able to divert this wood from a wasteful end. I can just imagine the beautiful kind of stuff that will be made out of the wood.

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