I’m at MOCA

© Ed Malesky 2012 – Ornament tree at MOCA

This year I thought that I would try to get some of my Christmas ornaments into the giftshop at Jacksonville’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).

I really like MOCA and I’ve been to see all the Project Atrium openings and since we became members this year, we’ve attended quite a few of their special events. So it was time to get into the giftshop.

I’ve been refining my ornaments to make them more delicate. This was a direct offshoot of my finial demonstration practice. Prepping for the demonstration gave me the opportunity to develop my own version of the finial with thin, delicate details.

© Ed Malesky 2012 – This year’s ornaments

I’ve had fun working on this year’s batch. Again, most were made of local woods like spalted sweet gum and pecan with maple and live oak finials.

Come over to MOCA and get yourself a nice Christmas gift.

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