The Art Center Does Jaxtoberfest

The Art Center has been working with Client Focused Media and BUZZ Magazine on a charity project, where we are managing the process of giving 90-100 old newspaper distribution boxes to local artists. Their goal is to add their art to each of these boxes to turn them into beautiful BUZZ magazine distribution boxes, with each box linked to a specific charity.

Sponsors will rent the boxes, with the money going to the charity on the box, while they will get free advertising in BUZZ. The artists will have their boxes photographed and added to a voting website, where the public can vote on their favorites. Top vote getting artists will win prize money.

Nearly 60 of the boxes have been distributed to local artists and about a dozen of them have been completed. We decided that it was time to give the public a sneak peak of our progress. Since BUZZ was sponsoring Jaxtoberfest this past weekend, we brought out ten boxes and had artists from The Art Center available throughout the event to tell people about this project.

The Art Center booth at the 20133JAxtoberfest

The Art Center booth at the 20133JAxtoberfest

The weather was great, so there were a lot of people that came out to sample the German atmosphere and drink a little beer. Music was blaring all day, there were games for the kids and lots of activities that put people in a good mood. Many of them came over to our booth to se what we wee all about. People thought the project wa really good for the community and really wanted to start seeing the new BUZZ boxes starting to pop up around town.

A number of people wanted to get their picture taken with their favorite box. I was pretty proud that a number of them chose mine. Of course I had to do mine in wood. It’s like a big intarsia project.

TAC 034b

They like my box!!!

Several of our artists posed with their boxes. Here is Bronwen Chandler on the left.

TAC 050b

Bronwen chandler an dfriends

Silvia deAraujo, emulating the pose of the figure she painted on her box.

Silvia deAraujo and her husband posing on her box

Silvia deAraujo and her husband posing on her box

Elaine Bedell also had one of her boxes there. Se painted two boxes while working at The Art Center Premiere Gallery in the Bank of America tower, giving visitors to the gallery an inside look at the process.

TAC 052b

Elaine Bedell and her “Landscape box”

Kids were also interested in the boxes and what we were going to do with them. One little boy had to check out every single box, I guess to see if there was a prize inside.

He had to check out every box

He had to check out every box

People really seemed to like our boxes and the project a a whole. In fact, a number of artists that came by were excited enough about the project that they signed up to do a box themselves.

I think it will be pretty amazing when we get 100 of these spread out around town. Many of the visitors commented how much they liked the painted manatees we had around town a number of years ago and felt that this project too would add a lot of color to downtown, like the manatees did.

Check out this month’s issue of BUZZ. There’s an article about us and the project on page 16.

*** All photographs taken by Deborah Reid

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