Joelle Dietrick – Project Atrium

Last night we went to see the opening of the new Project Atrium. The artist this time is Joelle Dietrick, who did a mural covering most of the Atrium space.

Cargomobilities 001sm

The piece is called “Cargomobilities” and was inspired by a trip Joelle took to Jaxport. She was really impressed with the scale of things there. In this series she takes the images and converts them to 3D objects by building in Google’s Sketch-up and some of Sketch-up’s 3D models. In this one, she also added a model of her new house. She then rotates and manipulates the parts until she gets a pleasing image.

Parts of the mural is painted, but much of it is printed on sticky back fabric on a large scale printer. She said placing these pieces on the Atrium wall was a real challenging and she could have used a few more hands to hold everything in shape.

During her talk she explained that this image is where she started:

Cargomobilities 002sm

She actually went through quite a few iterations before she came up with her final design. This is mainly due to the immense space to cover in the Atrium. She couldn’t even use her standard method of projection to get the image on to the wall, but had to resort to the simple grid method – writ large, to accomplish this.

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