Art Weekend

It seems that fall, especially as you approach the Holiday season, gets really busy. Last weekend was one of those times, but fortunately I was able to squeeze in all the events I wanted to attend.

I usually participate in the Small Objects show at the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach each year. Although I missed it last year, this year I was determined to participate and spent a good bit of the fall making pieces.

Cherry Teapot 001

Saturday morning I took all of my entries over and dropped them off. The show opens on December 4th, but since there are 30 artists, we need to give them some time to set up.

A pleasant surprise was in the courtyard as I was leaving. Enzo Torcoletti had a recent show at the Cultural Center and they had moved all of his sculpture out to the courtyard. The courtyard looked great with all of Enzo’s work placed around.



I was then off to a workshop on website development. We lost our webmaster at The Art Center some time ago and the President and I have been doing our best to manage the site. I felt it would be a good thing to give me a little more background. However, about a half hour in we had two visitors from Virginia. These were folks we were planning to meet with, but we didn’t know when they would come. They were from the Torpedo Factory and had just moved to Jacksonville and were interested in the scene in Jacksonville. I had done a blog entry on my visit to the Torpedo Factory when we doing background for our ARTery project. Chris Erney had been the President of the Torpedo Factory Artists Association, which is the group representing the artists on the board.

He had some really interesting insights on the operations of the Torpedo Factory and it’s operations, so I was glad that Annelies, President of The Art Center and I had a chance to talk to him. We got some useful tips for TAC. However, I ended up missing the middle of the workshop, so although I learned some more, I still need additional information. At lease we were able to convince Meleese Bremer, workshop instructor, to do a follow up workshop, so maybe I can get training then.

STEAM Workshop 002

As soon as the training was over I headed off for home to pick up my wife for our next art adventure – the open house at the CoRK Arts District. CoRK is the largest artist studio location in Jacksonville. We have been there a number of times for show openings and to visit other artists, but this was the first time we were going to check out all the studio spaces.

There are over 50 studios there in four buildings. The place has really grown since it started. It’s now up to 80,000 sq ft. The place was packed as we approached. You can always tell when you’ve arrived because of all the murals on the outside.


It was great to see some of our friends there with their work on display. Doug Eng has a huge studio. He had all his photographic equipment, as well as his latest show, “Streaming South”. He also had a new toy, a full sized CNC router table. I remember he used this for his “Face Forward” entry, but I didn’t realize then that it could take a 4×8 sheet of plywood.

We then went to see Princess Rashid. She actually has two studios there plus one at The Art Center. We first saw her “Mojito Magic”


We then saw her in her other studio.


Pablo Rivera was also there showing some of his work. Besides our friends the place was just full of all kind of art from large scale metal sculptures, to amazing paintings to lots of mixed media work. Seeing that much high quality work in one evening really sparks your own creativity. I definitely got some ideas for some of my work.

That was the end of Saturday, but we had another full day ahead of us. The first thing we did on Sunday was art of a different kind. Once a month Dennis Chan hosts a Dim Sum Sunday at his restaurant – Blue Bamboo. We’ve eaten there many times and consider Dennis a good friend and we try to catch the Dim Sum days a few times a year.

Dim Sum Blue Bamboo

One last stop for our Art Weekend. Dave Engdahl is a wonderful wood sculptor. we have worked together on a number of projects and he was having an open house. His home was full of his sculptures. Unfortunately my photos didn’t come out, but I did manage to catch Dave in his studio.


Dave went through the whole process of how he created his work. It was a real treat to see the dozens and dozens of pieces in his house and then learn in detail how he made them.

It was a great weekend for a little art exposure.

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