Art 2 Ways

In my last blog I talked about an art weekend where we saw a lot of different artistic works including the preparation of Dim Sum at Blue Bamboo. Yesterday we also had a chance to experience two different kinds of art in the same evening.

First was the opening of the Small Objects show at the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach. I was very happy to see my things on display.

Small Object PVB 2015_small_04

Small Object PVB 2015_small_03

There were some other of my friends work on display and pieces from a number of artists that I admired.

For some reason my pictures of friend Tim Bullard’s wonderful pottery pieces didn’t come out, but there was a lot of other really nice 3D work. I loved the shapes of Stephen Heywood’s work.

Small Object PVB 2015_small_01

The color of the glazes was so vibrant in Aisling Millar McDonald’s pottery pieces. I loved the sgraffito decorations as well. I’ve been thinking about doing some sgraffito on my turnings. I’ve done it some years ago, so maybe it’s time to revive the approach.

Small Object PVB 2015_small_02

I also loved the blue, blown silver-veiled glass by Bill and Jon Slade. The color of the glass and the swirling patterns in the glass, lit from below are mesmerizing. Very magical.

Small Object PVB 2015_small_09

There was one other woodturner represented this year. Joe Greeves is a high end pen turner. He has a case full of some pretty interesting pens. Quite robust designs.

Of course there were some great paintings as well. I didn’t capture all of them, but there was work there by fellow Art Center artist Paola T Pileri Hernandez. As soon as I saw the life-like pomegranates, I knew it was her work.

Small Object PVB 2015_small_05

Joyce Gabiou, who has sometimes entered The Art Center shows was well represented , as was Mary St. Germain.

Small Object PVB 2015_small_06

Small Object PVB 2015_small_08

We got an extra treat since it was also the opening for FLORIDA – Allison Watson, in the other gallery.

Allison specializes in painting Florida flora and was the Best in Show of Celebrate Art 2014.

Small Object PVB 2015_small_14

Small Object PVB 2015_small_13

We debated whether we should stay for the whole Small Objects opening reception, but we had a chance to sneak out and attend a concert at the Beaches Fine Art Series, by the Calmus Ensemble. They a a five person acapella singing ensemble from Germany. The reason we wanted to go was that this performance was going to be of Christmas songs.


They sang song from renaissance carols to much more contemporary stuff. I particularly enjoyed the older style work, but they had some really interesting takes on newer songs, like one arranged by their friend from Puerto Rico called Te Tierra Lejana Venimos.

Here’s a good sampling of the kind of performance they did. Listening to the beautiful, blended voice you had no doubt that this too is art. So again we had a visual art experience and a performance art experience – art 2 ways.






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