Hiromi Moneyhun

Artist and teacher, Jim Smith, who teaches at The Bolles School, invited me to attend a reception for Hiromi Moneyhun, a kirie artist. Hiromi was here this week to teach the art students at Bolles about her art form, which is truly amazing. Kirie is the Japanese art of papercutting, but it is really spectacular in it’s detail and intricacies.

Hiromi 001sm

Hiromi explains her process, but it’s clear to see the fineness of her cutting and the precision she needs to bring to bear.

Hiromi 006sm

Hiromi 004sm

There was a beautiful triptych on the back wall and the one the piece on the left, the hair was cut as individual strands.

Hiromi 002sm

The art students also had some of their projects on display. what was most evident to me were all thje Xacto blades they were going through to ge the required precision in their cuts.

Hiromi 003sm

It’s great when high school students can be exposed at some length to such teaching talent.

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