Glass and Paint

This week has been another one full of arts and culture. Hiromi Moneyhun on Thursday, then on Friday it was a opening of a new show called Natural Currents with Brian Frus and John Bunker.

Frus 006sm

I have known Brian for a number of years. He is the Assistant Professor of Glass Art at Jacksonville University and we’re both members of the Northeast Florida Sculptors. We both participated in the sculpture show at the Zoo and both our groups worked for the last few years at Zoolights, me with the woodturners and Brian with his glass crew from JU.

Frus 011sm

I was also thrilled that Brian bought one of my pieces, “Meet George Jetson” last year, so I really wanted to see his new work. I was pretty amazed at his pod series. He had his “Seasons” pods on display; one for each season.

Frus 009sm


Frus 002sm


Frus 007sm


He also had some of his “Seed” series there as well.

Frus 004sm

I had never met acrylic artist John Bunker before, but it was easy to see why the Ponte Vedra Cultural Center had paired him up with Brian for the show, since their work worked well together.

Frus 010sm

Beautiful flowers and butterflies.

Frus 008sm

” Quadrant: Papilio I and II

Frus 003sm

“Branch Blossom Rectangle”

Frus 001sm

“Champaign Blossoms – Quad”

Frus 005sm

“Memory of Butterflies”

I liked the show, but I must admit I had another reason for going. I’m going to be doing a similar show here in the fall. I’ll be the 3D artist like Brian and Dottie Dorion will be the 2D artist like John. It was good to see how the work is laid out and how many pedestals were available. I’ve been working hard on creating some new pieces for the show and now am more excited than ever.

While we took it easy yesterday, this afternoon we checked out the latest concert at the Beaches Fine Arts Series. We’ve been going to quite a few concerts there this season. Today it was the Chamber Orchestra Kremlin. It’s a string orchestra planning an all Russian mix. It always amazes me how good the acoustics are is St. Paul by the Sea. Even without amplification the sound was tremendous. They were also recording for Performance Today again, so we all needed to be on our best behavior.


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