Bob Hunt

Bob Hunt

Artist’s Statement

I love everything about wood. The majesty of the tree while standing, the smell of a freshly felled tree, the amazing variety of color and grain patterns when a log is converted to turning stock, the pile of shavings as they build up behind my lathe, the endless variations in color and tactile qualities the wood goes through as I work with it. But, I think most of all, I love the sound “Oooohhh”. When this sound is combined with words like, “That is beautiful”, my heart swells with pride (as does my head) with the knowledge that I created something that gives someone the same pleasure I had in creating it. I create this work to satisfy my personal needs, and offer it here in hopes of sharing the beauty of one of nature’s true works of art, the tree, which just needed to be released from its outer wrappings.

Artist’s History

I began turning in late 2000 purely on impulse. What started out as an idea for yet another hobby instantly became an obsession. I took the usual path for turning artists and made simple bowls, bottle stoppers, key rings and other gift items while honing my skills. This led to a 5-year stint as president of a local woodturning club, attending the national symposia of the American Association of Woodturners where I help videotape the individual turning demonstrations, and I now serve on the board of the Florida Woodturning Symposium. I have been a student of some of the most highly respected turners in the country, and have attended demonstrations of many international turners.

I am fortunate to have a standalone studio behind my home dedicated entirely to woodturning where I turn, pierce, paint, carve, burn, sand and finish my pieces. With the air conditioner humming, dust collector roaring and stereo blasting, I cannot see or hear the outside world, and am able to focus solely on the piece I am working on at the moment. I am always trying new things, bringing together ideas found in other artist’s work and combining them with my own as I continue to define my own “voice”.

Bob “The Woodroller” Hunt