This week my wife and I drove to Cincinnati to visit with family. We usually take two days to go up, since it’s a 15 hr drive. Since it is a long trip we normally play some books on tape along the way. This time we listened to Christopher Moore’s Sacre Bleu. We really

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Hiromi Moneyhun

Artist and teacher, Jim Smith, who teaches at The Bolles School, invited me to attend a reception for Hiromi Moneyhun, a kirie artist. Hiromi was here this week to teach the art students at Bolles about her art form, which is truly amazing. Kirie is the Japanese art of papercutting, but it is really

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Art 2 Ways

In my last blog I talked about an art weekend where we saw a lot of different artistic works including the preparation of Dim Sum at Blue Bamboo. Yesterday we also had a chance to experience two different kinds of art in the same evening.

First was the opening of the Small Objects show

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Art Weekend

It seems that fall, especially as you approach the Holiday season, gets really busy. Last weekend was one of those times, but fortunately I was able to squeeze in all the events I wanted to attend.

I usually participate in the Small Objects show at the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach each year.

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Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild – Turning 2015 Symposium

For the next two years I am the Chairman of the Florida Woodturning Symposium. Although I’ve been involved with this symposium in a number of capacities for six years, I know there is always more to learn. As Chairman, this is the time to do it.

My wife has family in Cincinnati, so whenever

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Nick Agar

Last weekend my turning club had Nick Agar come to do a full day demo and a Hands-On worshop. I was familiar with Nick’s work since I had been his videographer at the AAW Symposium in Tampa, so when I heard he was on an extended tour of the US and had some free

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More Shows

I am one of those convinced that Jacksonville is moving more toward a arts rich city. Last week we went to two more show openings, making four in eight days and there were a number of others we didn’t make. I know that in many cities this pace would be considered absolutely glacial, but

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Two Views of Sculpture

Thursday evening was the opening reception for the Northeast Florida Sculptors show at the University of North Florida. I was very pleased to have two of my pieces, “Monopus” and “Pierced” in the show.

This show had a lot of interest from local sculptors with 85 pieces submitted by 35 artists. It

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