What’s Happening to Woodworking ?

I’m trying to figure out what has happened to interest in woodworking. It struck me today while at the Mandarin Art Festival, a regular Easter visit for us. As I walked around I saw only two booths that had any wood art on display. Both were here last year, with one being a segmented

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Food and Art

Food and art, what could be a better combination. Add a touch of music and you’ve got a day. Last weekend was  the Jacksonville GastroFest, at Hemming Park and the new Project Atrium opening. We decided that was a great two-fer.

We took the Skyway in and although it was a cloudy day, was

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Glass and Paint

This week has been another one full of arts and culture. Hiromi Moneyhun on Thursday, then on Friday it was a opening of a new show called Natural Currents with Brian Frus and John Bunker.

I have known Brian for a number of years. He is the Assistant Professor of Glass Art at

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From Mathematics to Sculpture

Yesterday I went to a lecture at Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) by Dr. George Hart. Michael Cottrell, Professor of Sculpture at FSCJ, who was also our judge at our show at the Jacksonville Fair, had brought Dr. Hart from the Stony Brook University, NY where he is a professor of engineering. He

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Joelle Dietrick – Project Atrium

Last night we went to see the opening of the new Project Atrium. The artist this time is Joelle Dietrick, who did a mural covering most of the Atrium space.

The piece is called “Cargomobilities” and was inspired by a trip Joelle took to Jaxport. She was really impressed with the scale of

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Project Atrium – Caroline Lathan-Stiefel

We have enjoyed the Project Atrium exhibits at MOCA for the last several years. We’ve tried to make most of the openings and since this was our 39th wedding anniversary, we decided to have a nice meal and then check out the unveiling of the newest entry into the Project Atrium collection.

The artist

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Pottery 101

A few weeks ago I started taking pottery lessons with Tim Bullard out at the Cultural Center of Ponte Vedra. I had thought about taking pottery a number of times at the John C. Campbell Folkschool, but since was so close and reasonably priced, I couldn’t resist.

Pottery and woodturning have a lot in

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The Art Center Does Jaxtoberfest

The Art Center has been working with Client Focused Media and BUZZ Magazine on a charity project, where we are managing the process of giving 90-100 old newspaper distribution boxes to local artists. Their goal is to add their art to each of these boxes to turn them into beautiful BUZZ magazine distribution boxes,

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